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The Surprise

The Surprise:

So, Dorian email’s me in January and sends me a link to a new artist…
Tells me he wants to use the song in the wedding.

I, being the guy I am, googled this Matt Alber… and found this

Neat guy.

So, I email him to buy his previous album.

Then I get to thinking… he lives in L.A., I wonder if he can come up to S.B.?

I asked him, and he had the date FREE… so.. I booked him.

We’re still in January. I decide this is my Wedding present to Dorian, and I don’t tell him!
I tell EVERYONE ELSE, but not Dor.

Meanwhile, I finalize the songs with Dor for the wedding. He already wanted Coffey to open with Nature Boy, and we decided on Walk With Me (by Matt Alber) and I asked for Ready For Love (by India Arie).

Now, I told Dorian Michelle Lawyer would sing Ready For Love and Stefana would do Walk With Me….

So, at the wedding, my brother pick’s Matt up at the train station, Woody rehearses with him while we are taking pictures…

And Coffey sings well enough to break all our hearts…

And our Maids of Honor and Groomsmen go up to Woody’s amazing skills…

And Dorian and mom Diana are waiting for the music cue… Dor is looking at Stefana, excited to hear her sing Matt’s song…
and she’s not getting up.
and Woody is playing.
and there’s this voice… and then it dawns on Dorian who is singing….
and he can’t move, he’s crying so hard…
and i’m crying…
And his mom says, “you know you are loved, don’t you?”…

Go get Matt’s album!

More pictures and stories to come! BLESS!

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  1. Dave Campbell said

    THAT is fucking awesome. Wait – can I swear on your wedding site? I guess I just did. What a sweet gesture.

  2. Cathy said

    I wasn’t even *at* this wedding and I’ll still remember this story for the rest of my life. That was so lovely.

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